Monday, April 30, 2007


cap old school

fat elvis

my buddy dave sent me a e-mail after seeing my drawing of young elvis and said that i now needed to draw the not so young elvis.
i'm not one to turn away a request so here he is.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

quick elvis

the other king

comic book gods

stan and jack

i dig the little guy

i really do dig that little dude the other guy is ok but that little guy is wicked

Friday, April 27, 2007

quick sketches for other smooth project

i think this one might be a bit more my speed.

i'm back!

bunch of quicky. i'm working on some rad stuff. i finished the ten page story for jay smooths the parakeet book hero artist will be inking those pages...jay also asked me to do ten more pages for another book idea.
dang i love getting paid to draw funny books.
rich woodall offered to color in some drawings for me so i could make some prints for the big philly wizard i'm working on drawings for that. i'll post the inks when they are done.
yup i'll be at the wizard con in philly. head over to the glint of hope table and i'll be there.
speaking of goh i did the cover for their second dvd and i'm also on that dvd as el diablo.
i'm more then sure you'll be seeing him pop up on this fine web show from time to time.
heck we just shot a hero envy with both the smoke and el diablo should air may second?
the goh boy also asked me to tag along with the goh comic book project.
so bunch is going on here at the house of fury please hang in for the rad ride