Sunday, June 10, 2007

sorry for the slow down

we here at the house of fury are getting ready to make the trip to philly for wizard con!

yes philly the city so rad i want to move there....we'll be drawing stuff there for you the kids.

if you want to say hi come by the glint of hope booth number 1202.

from what i'm told on sunday from 1-2 there will be a screening of hero envy in the dave cockrum room...they be showing enter el diablo staring fury himself as el diablo coming by and watch if you like.

the boys have the 2ed hero envy dvd going on sale for the first time there so buy one they also made a new rad tee with the drawing i did for the dvd buy that too.

you see if you buy this stuff the boys will keep asking me to draw stuff for them and giving me money to do so.

oh hey if you ask nice i can even so you the first 3 pages of the hero envy comic if you come by the table.


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